NEW Field Training....

Field Training….or Space for Grace

It’s all about spending time in the unified field – that place where all patterns of infinite possibilities exist. 
ME says “Access the field and do nothing.”
Abraham Hicks says “Get in the Vortex.”
Heartmath says “Get into heart resonance.”
Richard Bartlett said “When you play with the field, it will play with you.” And I can personally assure you that it does, and it has a wonderful playful sense of humor and power.
So, I’ve been directed to create the opportunity for you to spend 30 minutes a week in the field with me via the phone. We’ll access the field via the heart and play with what shows up. This is the space where Grace can access and play with YOU. 
I’ll be your tour guide for the session and give you playful ways to practice accessing this field every day. Give yourself 30 days of playing in the field with conscious intention and consistency and watch your reality shift…quickly!

Pick a 30 minute weekly time slot – keep it the same each week. Email me with your day and time preference and I’ll email you confirmation of the schedule and then you can pay via check or Paypal. 
Sessions available immediately.  I’ll try to schedule sessions from 9am – 1pm and 4pm – 8pm weekdays. If weekends are your only option, Friday 4-8 and Sunday 5-8 may be available.
Field Training Cost: $120 includes 4 weekly (30 minute) phone sessions (savings of $40 standard rates)