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The Kaleidoscope of Quantum Perspective
This new 3 hour workshop/presentation is designed to give you an understanding of the limitless possible patterns that make up reality and how to access them.  What if one new thought or one new possibility had the ability to turn wheel of your kaleidoscope changing the view? What if every person and thing is a colored gem in your wheel? And what if you had the ability to shift your perception and view them all in a new pattern of reality?

Operating from a quantum perspective means choosing in every moment what you experience in your reality.  Utilizing the Law of Attraction means a change to your basic operating system. It’s the law of allowing and we will explore dehypnotizing ourselves out of the old paradigm of ‘making’ things happen. Accessing the easy and effortless flow of life is possible when you know the fast lane is open. And how to follow the signs to get there.

We are all creating our reality either by default or by deliberate intent. Fine tune your awareness and gain back manual control of your experience. The old paradigms have collapsed and the new can be an exciting adventure when you learn to release resistance and allow the new pattern to manifest.

This 3 hour program will include lecture, laughter, demonstration and experiential exercises as well as time for some Q & A. I hope to give you an operator’s manual to the multidimensional conscious expression that you are…here playing in manifest reality.
Step onto a new playing field with full knowledge of the new guidelines, know how to bend the rules, and get the crib sheet of shortcuts.

WhenPlease check back for Fall 2012 dates 

Cost: $45/person or bring a friend and pay a discount of $80/two people*

Register early as class size is limited – Register via email or phone. Payment by check (payable to Beth Karish) or PayPal (email to Condora@QuantumPlayground.com). Cash will be accepted at the door if space is available. Payment details

(*Must register & pay at the same time for the discount to apply)