A Few of my Favorite Things...

One lesson learned early on with the bookstore is that we are all unique including what voices resonate with our soul. When the latest book to blow my mind was disinteresting to a customer, I realized how unique we really are in what ignites our soul.

There are as many voices out there as there are pairs of ears to hear them. I encourage and invite you to find the people, books, teachings or voices that inspire you to go beyond your current experience.

Listed below are just a few of my favorite things discovered on the path to self exploration. Check back often for new additions.

with Nicolas Cage

My favorite quantum movie. The main character can see 2 minutes into his future. So he plays out the probabilities until he gets the outcome he desires. "Here's the thing about the future, it changes everytime you look at it because you looked at it, and THAT changes everything..."

PEOPLE (click on name for link to more info)
Dr. Bruce Lipton - Research Biologist/Scientist.. 
Kayla Morelli - Web designer/Graphic Artist Extraordinaire! 
Deb Smith - The Starsmith

Matrix Energetics - Dr. Richard Bartlett
Biology of Belief - Dr. Bruce Lipton
Divine Matrix, Spontaneous Healing of Belief - Gregg Braden
Earth - Barbara Marciniak
The Alchemist - Paula Coehilo
One, Illusion, Bridge Across Forever - Richard Bach
Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert
Life was never meant to be a struggle - Stuart Wilde

Chris Spheeris - I have all of them
Steve Halpern - everything is wonderful but I LOVE the subliminal music - wonderful to program the subconscious
Deva Premal - I have all of them 
Jonathan Goldman - I have them all

Boulder has an active and thriving Abraham Hicks group. We gather on the weekends to watch LIVE stream workshops and discuss Law of Attraction.