About Me

I was 26 when a Ruth Montgomery book was the Universal alarm clock that woke me up. I had been unconscious and playing out a default story for my life. Once awake, I've been on a wild and wonderful roller coaster call 'living a life directed by Spirit'.

Within a year of reading the book, I opened a New Age bookstore in Appleton, WI. I named it Windows of Light' as books were my windows to enlightenment. As the only outpost of consciousness for 100 miles (Milwaukee was the closest alternative store) I soon had a successful store, great customers, the best library in the world for me personally, and a nickname as the devil woman of Appleton by the conservative community. A friend lovingly called me the wicked witch of the Midwest. Someday I'll share the wacky stories of opening the store. Note: I was in Appleton celebrating the store's 20th birthday party this past Sept.  

I was introduced to my wonderful spiritual teacher ‘Anna May' by a customer and soon found myself taking conscious out- of-body journeys into the field of all possibilities. It was a time of spiritual explosion...opening is too tame a word to describe these years.

With a motto of ‘Life's too short to be unhappy', a deep spiritual sense of self, and full trust in the Universe to take care of me, my life journey became a wonderful adventure. I sold my store and followed my spirit west to Boulder, CO.

I've spent the last 20 years in various careers with a focus on my passions of travel and spiritual exploration. From a skiwear company to experience the Boulder outdoors culture, getting paid to travel as a tour director, learning the administrative side of the tour business with an adventure travel company, and a few side trips with a video broker and book bindery... I've walked in many different shoes. 
The love of the metaphysical and self help industry brought me into the gift distribution arena including running an import company specializing in new age gifts and selling sidelines to alternative gift shops around the country, and stint as the director of a self empowerment organization.

Every career gave me skills and experience that carried over to the next. Along the way I developed or uncovered a keen business mind and ability for creative brainstorming. I've met amazing people and wonderful teachers.

Matrix Energetics opened the doorway for my current passion. Playing and creating my reality at the quantum level is my everyday reality. And now I'm inviting you to come play and experience this ‘quantum soup' with someone who understands ‘there is no spoon....'