The Playground


What is the Quantum Playground?

There is a field of energy, a matrix that connects all things. The field contains all possibilities. There is no time or space in the field; it is non local and holographic. It reflects back a representation of our thoughts and beliefs in what we call our reality. We communicate with it through language of emotion. Call it any name you choose, Divine Intelligence, Divine Matrix, The Field or Creative Intelligence. I simply refer to it as the Universe.

As I spend more time in the quantum soup with clients, the sessions have morphed into a new and ever evolving space of consciousness and transformation.
When we access the soup of all possibilities, Grace brings in and incorporates any and all of the following ingredients with some astounding outcomes. Reconnect with the powerful, creative, infinite expression that you are.
Each session is come and play in the field of magical transformation.

Ingredients in a play session
Matrix Energetics - Shifting to a New Reality
Get Out of the Box - Breaking the old Mind Set
Possibilities Visioning - Open Yourself to Dream Big
Spiritual Empowerment - Embrace the Connection
Universal Readings - Info from the Universe
Speaking and Group Demos